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Rental Villa Pricing
  • Holidays (Dec20 - Jan10):
        $2500/night for the entire villa
  • High Season (Dec - April):
        $2000/night for the entire villa
  • Green Season (May - Nov):
        $1800/night for the entire villa

  • Hotel Pricing
    (6 Units Available)

    Green Season:
  • May-Aug & Nov

  • High Season:
  • Dec-Apr

  • Prices don't include taxes

    Check in 2pm - Check out 11am

    Montezuma Rental Car

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    Renting a Car in Montezuma

    A typical car for rent in Montezuma Do I need a rental car?

    Yes, probably you will want one. About 75% of our guests have a rental car, which gives them more freedom. It's a 400-ft vertical elevation gain from the beach to the house, so it's a difficult hike back up in the tropical heat. People who are in great shape have no problem and enjoy the excercise. About 1 in 3 of the guests who try to do it without a car end up renting one anyway, for all or part of the time. Some of them rent a quad (4-wheeled motorcycle) but quads cost the same as a car, which makes no sense but that's what they cost.

    Do I need 4WD?

    You need 4WD in the rainy season (May through Dec) but in dry season the roads are usually maintained well enough that you can get around with 2WD. You will find that you can't go everwhere, and it's slow, but it saves some money to go 2WD. I recommend getting the cheapest 4WD car, which is usually a Terios. There Terios is a GREAT car for these roads... it can go everywhere.

    How much does it cost?

    We've found over the years that you will pay, for the lowest price 4WD car, around $70/day. You may see cheaper prices on the internet, and book it, but when you arrive, you'll find there are extra charges that bring it up to $70/day. It seems like a lot but I don't know how they make any money at that rate when you see how the tourists drive them on these pot-hole filled gravel roads.

    Which Agency?

    There's one agency that has offices at the airport, and two locally, so if you have a problem with the car, you can get it taken care of right away or the car swapped out. Contact us to tell us what type of vehicle you want and the dates, and we'll put you in direct email contact immediately with exactly the right person to talk to at the right agency. If you're flying in to Tambor airport, they will meet you at the airport and take you to your car.
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