Flower-decorated buddha in the bathroom at Anamaya Resort

Rental Villa Pricing
  • Holidays (Dec20 - Jan10):
        $2500/night for the entire villa
  • High Season (Dec - April):
        $2000/night for the entire villa
  • Green Season (May - Nov):
        $1800/night for the entire villa

  • Hotel Pricing
    (6 Units Available)

    Green Season:
  • May-Aug & Nov

  • High Season:
  • Dec-Apr

  • Prices don't include taxes

    Check in 2pm - Check out 11am

    Montezuma Rental Car

    Florenzia hooping at Hotel Amor de Mar

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Playa Las Manchas in Montezuma, Costa Rica    Beaches - how far?
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       Cell Phones?
       Cleaning Service?
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       Ferry and Ferry Schedule?
       Fishing Trips?
       Laundry Service?
       Pool Use / Hours?
       Rental Car? And do I need a car?

    Beaches - How far are they?

    The best beach is Playa Las Manchas, and a photo of it is shown above. This is a perfect slice of tropical paradise, with white sand, clear water, incredible snorkeling, and a gourmet Italian Restaurant that brings you some of the world's best food to your shady spot under a coconut tree. They're even nice enough to cut off the coconuts from above your head so you don't have to worry about being knocked out by one falling on you. Las Manchas is a 6-7 minute drive from the house. If you want to walk to the beach, the closest one is about 20-30 minutes. The town of Montezuma has a picturesque little cove, but it's polluted, so you have to walk past that, slightly north of town and then you can swim. Lots of information on the beaches is here: Montezuma Beaches. More on Costa Rica's beaches: Beachescostarica.com


    Our guests are usually surprised by how few bugs there are. The most bugs are in May and June, when the rainy season has just started, and all the eggs that have been lying dormant are hatching. The house has sliding screens on every window, and it's a good idea to close them as dusk. If you leave them open at night, the bugs fly in if you have lights on. We have a few mosquitos, and occasionally a guest will have super-sweet blood that seems to attract them. Some people hardly get bitten at all and some have 20-30 per leg by the end of their trip. Most people have a couple bites here and there, but nothing to worry about. They tend to bite your ankles, so you can put bug spray on from the calfs down if you go into town to eat dinner. There are few mosquitos as you hike in the rivers, and none on the beaches, but occasionally there are no-see-ums at dusk on the beaches, depending on the season. My wife and I live here full time and rarely put on any bug repellant, but if you're hanging around town at dusk, that's the most likely time to get bitten. You will not need a mosquito net on the bed at the house if you keep the screen windows closed at dusk/night.

    Check In / Check Out

    We are very flexible with this when we can be, but because the house is so popular, we often have people arriving the day that you're leaving, so officially, Check In is 2pm and Check Out by 10am, which gives us 4 hours to clean between guests.

    Cell Phone? How can I get mine to work in Costa Rica?

    Every year, more and more people find that their cell phones work in Costa Rica. Even people's I-phones sometimes work. Sometimes the people who are successful at getting their cell phones to work have called their service provider before they leave their home country, to ask them to set up "international roaming". It may cost a lot, but can be very useful.

    Cleaning Service?

    We do light cleaning every day in the units and change the sheets about twice a week. If you need extra cleaning or your sheets washed early, just let us know and we're happy to help.

    Extra People / Beds?

    The cost is $50/night for each extra person over 2 in any of the units except for the casita, upstairs suite, and the temple room, which were designed especially for larger groups.

    Ferry Schedule?

    The number to call for the Ferry Schedule is 2661-2084 (Spanish only). Then hit "4" when you hear the recording, which will then give the list of times. First it will list the times the ferry is leaving from Puntarenas to Paquera, which is heading towards Montezuma. The second list of times is going back towards the mainland. The schedule changes frequently and sometimes the ferries are being repaired, so it's a good idea to call ahead. If you're trying to catch a flight, get there at least an hour before the ferry leaves, and make sure that if you miss the ferry or it's broken or something, you can still make your flight by driving around, which takes about 4 hours. Plus it takes an hour to drive to the ferry from the house, so that's five hours to get to the other side, then 2 1/2 hours more to get to the airport (or maybe 2 hrs depending on traffic.) If you time everything perfectly, and get lucky with the ferry, then you can get to the airport from our house in just over 4 hours, but that rarely happens!

    Fishing Trips?

    It's around $150 to go out for a few hours with a boat, trolling back and forth in the ocean. The views are amazing out there and almost everyone catches something on every trip. 90% of our guests who have gone fishing catch something and usually it's much more than they can eat. The most common fish to catch are yellow fin tuna (great for sushi!) and mahi mahi. If you take your fish to a local Tico restaurant they will RUIN it by over-cooking it, so better to bring it back here or cook it yourself. In Montezuma, you can get all the fixin's for sushi - sushi rice, rice-wine vinegar, wasabi, pickled ginger, etc... most of it is in the small supermarket called "Super Mamatea". You can book your trip at any number of places down in town very easily.


    We have a high speed (4MB/s) wireless network that reaches throughout the property. Because we are in a remote area in a poor country, there seems to be fairly frequent outages though. So if you can't wait for the internet to come back on, there are many internet cafes in Montezuma and Cobano.

    Laundry Service?

    If you want the sheets and towels washed, give them to one of our cleaning ladies, and they will do them for you. If you want your personal things washed, they charge 1000 colones per kilo, which is the same that the laundry services charge in Montezuma. Be sure to separate your whites and colors, and if anything is particularly valuable, be particularly careful.

    Pool Use / Hours?

    Don't you hate going to a pool at night at most hotels and find it closed? You're welcome to use our pool anytime, day or night, as long as you keep the noise down so you aren't bothering the other guests.


    Anamaya's amazing restaurant serves the best food in town, which is nearly 100% organic. We eat together at a large table, served by our master chef. The kitchen is public and our guests are invited to watch our chef cook. He will explain the health benefits of the ingredients, and show you his cooking secrets. We know that some people are happiest in the kitchen, so guests who would like to help are welcome to participate in cooking the meals.

    We serve three meals a day from Tuesday-Saturday, and on Sunday and Monday we only serve breakfast. So on those two days you can go to town to experience some great restaurants there. The best are highlighted here: Montezuma Restaurants.

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