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Rental Villa Pricing
  • Holidays (Dec20 - Jan10):
        $2500/night for the entire villa
  • High Season (Dec - April):
        $2000/night for the entire villa
  • Green Season (May - Nov):
        $1800/night for the entire villa

  • Hotel Pricing
    (6 Units Available)

    Green Season:
  • May-Aug & Nov

  • High Season:
  • Dec-Apr

  • Prices don't include taxes

    Check in 2pm - Check out 11am

    Montezuma Rental Car

    Sapphire fire dancing in the street in Montezuma.

    Real Estate in Costa Rica

    Amor de Mar Hotel in Montezuma, Costa Rica There has been a huge migration of people from the U.S., Canada, and Europe to Costa Rica, with the momentum building every year. Thousands of people have discovered that Costa Rica is more beautiful, more fun, cheaper, and safer than their own country, and have decided to move or invest, many with the idea of eventually resettling here.

    According to the Costa Rican tourist board, one in three tourists who is visiting Costa Rica for the second time is interested in real estate. With over three million visitors per year, that's a million interested investors! All this interest has sent prices soaring, with no end in sight. Most of us here who are familiar with the market believe that within a few more years, the prices will match those in Maui, so an ocean view acre will be a million dollars or more.

    Montezuma and Malpais, well-known beach towns in Costa Rica, are seeing rapid growth in new residents and home construction. Especially in the Malpais/Santa Teresa area, it seems like there's a new restaurant or hotel every week! In the Montezuma area, most of the buyers are conservation oriented, interested in holistic living. Many successful artists and creative type people have been buying lots, planning to build a second home and eventually move down when they can afford it. Many are helping to regrow the jungle by planting endangered hardwood tree seedlings. In many ways, the Montezuma area is an environmentalist's success story, because there's more jungle and more animals than there was ten years ago.

    For information on real estate in Montezuma or Malpais, you can check through some properties and contact me here:
    Montezuma Real Estate. My company, Tropisphere, is very active in the community organizing, promoting and donating to local charities such as wildlife conservation groups and assists with efforts to improve local schools.

    If you find your dream spot and want to build a house on it, consider learning more about "green building". With the right knowledge and technology, your home can be healthier, more energy efficient, and better for the environment. For more information, click Costa Rica Green Building

    If you love Costa Rica then you may be interested in eco-friendly living. In that case click here to look at Pura Vida Sunsets, my "green-built" eco-village which lies between Malpais and Montezuma. On this website you will also find the best resource on the internet to explain how to build a home as eco-friendly as possible in the tropics.

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