Serafina being kissed by 'Bambi' at Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary

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    Montezuma Rental Car

    Geoff McCabe holding 'antee' the anteater (oso hormiguero in spanish).

    Welcome to Montezuma, Costa Rica
    Animal and Birds of Costa Rica

    The Montezuma area of Costa Rica is fortunate to have many conservation-minded residents, both native Costa Ricans and foreigners. Our property is surrounded by over 100 acres of private jungle reserves with no houses or roads, plus most of the surrounding area is also covered with jungle canopy.

    If you're into birdwatching then you've found the right place. The best time of day to see birds is in the morning, around 6-8am, when for some reason they are all over the property in plain view. Sometimes you can see a dozen different exotic species at the same time.

    Wildlife Guide: Costa Rica Animals Guide

    The following photos were all taken on the property. In addition to those in the photos, the following list of animals has also been seen on the property:

  • Jaguarundi (a wild cat - around 15-20 lbs)
  • Deer
  • Kinkajou
  • Paca (Tepesquintle)
  • Red Squirrels
  • Spotted Skunk
  • Coyote
  • Central American Wooly Tree Opossum
  • Tayra

  • A young Howler Monkey in Montezuma.
    Young Howler Monkey.

    One of a troop of 'white throated capuchins' frequently seen on the property.
    White Faced Capuchin Monkey

    Humpback whales - Mother splashing her tail while the baby breaches.
    Humpback Whale mother and baby

    A Racoon mother and family came to drink from the pool in the main house, and beg for food (which we didn't give!)
    Raccoon Mother with two cubs

    Agouti - like a rabbit with short ears.

    Armadillo - same type as in the U.S.

    Montezuma Pizote
    Lone Male Pizote (Coatimundi in English)

    Pack o' Pizotes
    Karen with Pizotes - all females and young.

    Montezuma Aracari
    Collared Aracari - a type of small Toucan

    Lineated Woodpecker with red crest.
    Lineated Woodpecker with classic red crest.

    Montezuma Parrot
    Green Parrot - this one was very friendly, possibly an escaped pet.

    Turquoise Browed Mot-Mot
    Turquoise-browed Mot-Mot

    For more information on area birds, click here - Costa Rica Birdwatching

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