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        $2000/night for the entire villa
  • Green Season (May - Nov):
        $1800/night for the entire villa

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  • May-Aug & Nov

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  • Dec-Apr

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    Being a democratic country, Costa Rica is regarded as one of the most peaceful regions across the world. Costa Rica's main dialect is Spanish, even while a lot of its residents are rather bilingual. The very final civil war occurred in 1948, and ever since then, defense forces were removed and the nation was able to keep away from such hazards such as authoritarianism, terrorist attack, coup d' etat, and all types of political discord. The nation's name basically implies “rich coast” nonetheless Costa Rica is in fact plentiful much more than its sea-coast. The region is abounding with extraordinary purely natural treasures and a lot of types of livestock, a number of them are particularly rare and can be viewed when you embark on a journey to Costa Rica.

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    The abundant tropical weather encourages travelers to explore the great outdoors and also to actively interact with the people, to feel the natural and organic elegance of the around countryside, and toinvolve themselves in the active lifestyle that allows Costa Ricans to appreciate a quality life and longevity that's the envy of the rest of the world. You should visit La Fortuna, a small area close to the bottom of the volcano to capture a view of the awesome fireworks display. With plenty of luxurious accommodations, within the Osa Peninsula & Drake Bay, which really focus on your every wish, places to stay in this area offer tourists anything from the seasoned guidelines for hiking within the rainforest, to whale and dolphin watching trips, to merely relaxing on the beach and soaking in direct sunlight. If you wish to explore the Corcovado National Park, having an excursion guide is your best bet as the Corcovado is also the habitat of Costa Rica’s most dangerous snake, the extremely aggressive Fer-de-lance. An escort won't only prevent you from being lost, but can also enlighten you on this astounding environment.

    Solar-vistas.com - Costa Rica's premier 'green building' development, in the Malpais/Santa Teresa area.
    Green Building - Tropical 'Green Building' ideas that work well for Costa Rica's beach areas.

    In the event you desire to take your getaway in Costa Rica during peak season, the key is to make a booking. Costa Rica offer relaxing and affordable accommodation for all the modern traveler of all ages. There are hostels well located for experiencing natural riches of this colorful country. Rentals and villas have the best decor and services. The majority of our beach rentals include beautiful ocean view pools. A range of properties offer High Definition Tvs, a wraparound porch, a sky-porch, king-size beds, fitness rooms, a fully supplied bar and internet access. From the veranda you may view the vibrant Toucans and wild birds, pay attention to the monkeys actively enjoying around the trees and watch out for the Macaws.

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    Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer to help out Cabuya/Montezuma's wild animal hospital.
    Montezuma Real Estate Tropisphere Real Estate - serving Montezuma, Cabuya, Santa Teresa, Malpais, Montezuma, Manzanillo, Tambor and surrounding areas.

    In Costa Rica, pretty much everywhere you look there is a fun adventure in store to you. The things to do depend on your region in the united states. If you appreciate horseback riding and also check out the exotic plants and flowers in Costa Rica, be sure to go to the rich rainforests. They also have many different types of attractive birds inside the woods. Apart from the wildlife and birds that will make any eco-tourism enthusiast pleased, Costa Rica is also where you can see 835 types of fish, 700 of which are saltwater fish. The very clear waters of the country are ideal for fishing escapades. There are also a number of establishments that offer fishing gears just in case you do not have your very own.

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    Most hot spring tours are along with other activities too, such as mud baths, massages, horseback rides, zip lines, hanging bridge trips, and more. Ample rainfall has blessed Costa Rica with many rivers. There are actually kayaking packages that allow you to get the most carefree adventure possible while maximizing your time used on the river. The lowland rivers are excellent channels for journeys in small boats, which allow travelers to check out most of the local plant life and animals.

    Exchanges within Costa Rica may be done in different ways. One of them is a personal transport service which is a safe and simple transit option. Usually, shuttle service transport provides door-to-door service, picking travelers up from hotels and dropping them back to the hotels within the last destination. For the people who have unique plans about itineraries, a rental car is the ideal option designed for those that do not want to fulfill some travel schedules.

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    Make a getaway to Costa Rica for a getaway packed with adventures. Costa Rica provides plenty of enjoyable alternatives such as these, particularly when you are engaged in the wild and outdoor fun-filled activities. That's why so many individuals have chosen to go there: In the past decade, the number of guests has quadrupled, and tourism has become a big factor of the country's economic system.

    Aguavistacr.com - Montezuma area rentals with a swimming pool
    www.atrapasuenos.net - St Teresa/Playa Carmen Villa/Hotel with pool

    From breathtaking panoramas, pure beauty, pleasant folks, and a choice of enjoyable activities to do, Costa Rica is a getaway to be felt and not only visited. Arenal Volcano is one of the Costa Rica's very well known sites. With a number of high end lodgings, in the Osa Peninsula & Drake Bay, which really focus on your every desire, places to stay in this region offer tourists anything from the seasoned instructions for hiking in the rainforest, to whale and dolphin watching tours, to simply lying on the beach and soaking in direct sunlight. If you do wish to check out the Corcovado National Park, having a tour guide is your best choice as the Corcovado is also the habitat of Costa Rica’s most deadly snake, the very aggressive Fer-de-lance. An escort will not just prevent you from being lost, but can certainly also teach you on this incredible habitat.

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    Accommodation in Costa Rica is hardly ever an issue if you'll make early reservations. No need to be confined in a hotel room when you are able rent out a home or condo for the same price or just a couple of dollars much more. There are holiday rental houses located strategically all around Costa Rica. Many residence amenities also include a pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen space, outdoor living area with lighting, daily maid service, and assistant vendors.

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    There's a range of pursuits to select coming from in your Costa Rica Caribbean trip. The things to do depend on where you are in the country. In rainforests, you may go birds-sightseeing and you'll be amazed watching them soar above in flocks. There are also English-speaking tips that will help and show you around the forests. Apart from the wildlife and birds that will make any eco-tourism aficionado delighted, Costa Rica is also where one can see 835 varieties of fish, 700 which are saltwater fish. Fishermen will definitely have an wonderful time fishing in Costa Rica’s very clear, azure marine environments to catch some of the tropical fish.

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    Sun enthusiasts find a dream land of sunny beaches, some with excellent surf conditions. What's more, Costa Rica offers a great welcoming aura and magnificent scenery!

    www.luzenelcielo.com - Montzuma Area hostel/hotel in the jungle
    www.montezumasurfschool.com - Surf center with operatons in Montezuma

    As a way to help its clients more effectively, SANSA presents its travel system "Fly Direct." With Sansa you easily get to your destinations of great interest within this marvelous country. There are actually three ferry boats that travel from Puntarenas up to the southernmost tip to the Nicoya Peninsula. Shipping and livestock trucks, buses, and passenger vehicles assemble in a long line inside the ferry terminal in a in some ways difficult mission, however they manage to fit onboard. It is a good idea to get at the ferry boat depot at least one an hour in advance, or else you may be waiting again for a few hours to catch the next crossing.

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